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Architectural Innovations.

If the dream of a safe home for one's own protection is meant for one's own protection, should the home protect the existing universe? It is man's responsibility to protect the earth, the floor and the roof of the house, and the universe on which the earth stands.

Our next dreams are to begin with, the realization that nature conservation and economic gain are very important when building a house or other building.

Humans began to build houses and buildings thousands of years ago, and built differently in different parts of the world, taking into account a number of factors, including climate, land structure, owner's style, and owner's economic status.

The above should be taken into consideration from the design of the construction work to the completion of the construction. These can be implemented very transparently if the design and design are under a single team or organization.

The fact that it is possible to reduce the size of the building and the use of land by using the same room for different purposes without having to build rooms and furniture unnecessarily means that it is possible to construct residential and commercial buildings without using stone, metal, sand or water and without changing or levelling the soil. But no matter what anyone says, such tragedies will continue as long as we humans are not ready to change our ways.

The greatest thing that distinguishes man from other living beings is that man has an intellect.

It is that intellect that is responsible for all the gains and losses today, even when life in the jungle has been cut down and what if, when the rains have receded, the earth is arranged in layers so that the weight of one layer can support or hold the other, and the earth is split and the weight is levelled and shifted from one side to the other, and the landslides and landslides continue, and what if we still have time to think and act, even though the flood has taken over our lives?

Has not technology or human intellect developed enough to build the homes or commercial establishments we need without doing anything to the earth?

In many parts of the world (developed - underdeveloped), construction work is being carried out in all corners of the world in order to protect the environment from the ravages of nature. Special Zones in Construction Methodology Building methods and rules must be followed. Every citizen must adopt a number of methods that are consistent, non-destructive and economically viable.

Tomorrow's construction work will be done without removing the soil, without wasting water for construction, without cutting down the trees, without breaking the rocks that give strength to the earth, and by making the most of the time that is not available for recovery.

Architectural Innovations